i feel like a deer in the headlights of love.


what are you even supposed to do when you meet zayn ??? bow?? applaud?? apologize?? 

Track Title: Carl Poppa (feat. Carl G.)

Artist: Bad Lip Reading

Album: Carl Poppa (feat. Carl G.) - Single

Carl Poppa (Feat Carl G.) - iTunes - Full Version

Cell block wisdom.

The urgency of the war, along with changing conceptions of women’s roles in society, meant that the U.S. military enlisted the help of thousands of women. In fact, about 350,000 women served in the armed forces […] When women shipped off, they took cosmetics with them into battle. Lipstick was one of the ways these women defined themselves; to them it signaled femininity and strength. (full quote at sarriane)


You ever think you’re over something and then it’s like no, nope, still bitter. Going to live and die on this hill, this is my home now.


but he looks like prince charming in everyday clothes @god pls explain




The sun was gone, and the sky was full of stars. So many. She leaned her back against a fluted pillar and wondered if her brother was looking at the same stars tonight, wherever he might be. Do you see the white one, Quentyn? That is Nymeria’s star, burning bright, and that milky band behind her, those are ten thousand ships. She burned as bright as any man, and so shall I. You will not rob me of my birthright!

A game of forgotten ladies: Arianne Martell


Do you ever start watching an episode on your laptop

and then randomly pause it

and next you know you’re on tumblr

and suddenly it’s taken you 2 hours to watch a 40 minute episode

glitzerfee asked: "1 + 11 (:"
  • 1. What is you middle name?

Renate, after my grandma

  • 11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

too many, like 30ish i guess

thank you so much!

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